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These Capacitors are light weight and compact in size have been designed keeping in view, the normal duty cycle present in various utilities. These Capacitors are used for almost constant loads having negligible variations.

  • Self healing property of M.P.P.lm enables the capacitor to resume normalcy after clearance of internal shorts, if any
  • Low Losses(Less than 0.5 watts per KVAr)
  • High Insulation Resistance
  • Compact size
  • Provided with discharge resistors
  • Powder coated M.S box
  • Unbreakable mouled epoxy bushings

“SARDA” heavy duty power capacitors are specially designed to meet the requirements of varying loads in industries having higher over currents/voltages and also harmonics. In this design the out put of KVAr value remains the same however there is phenomenal reduction in stress per module as these modules are doubled and connected in series.
Heavy-duty power capacitors are meant to replace conveniently & cost effectively the conventional mixed dielectric/film-foil capacitors.
These Capacitors have been designed to suit fluctuating load conditions and withstand over-voltage and over-currents within permissible limits. These Capacitors are stronger than standard type to withstand required dielectric stress which varies non-linearly.

  • Rolling Mills
  • Cement & Sugar Plants
  • Induction Furnaces (Power Frequency)
  • Welding Systems
  • Rectifier Loads
  • Power Industries Etc.
  • Higher dielectric thickness
  • Over voltage and current carrying capacity
  • Modular design
  • Very low temperature rise
  • Longer life
  • In rush current limiting inductor coils are used for longer life of Capacitors.

To increase the efficiency of the electrical system, power factor is improved by providing power capacitors in the electrical system. Some of the major advantages of using power capacitors are:-

  • Reduction in electrical bill.
  • Improvement in voltage regulation.
  • Reduction of power losses
  • Very low temperature rise
  • Meet statutory requirement & avoid penalty.
  • Advanced vapour coating techniques involving high degree of purity of metal, coupled with heavy edge gives added advantages to metallised Polypropylene film of self healing type to handle higher currents and withstand the electrical surges that are predominantly observed in the power systems.
  • Effects of harmonic currents are minimized by using suitable filter networks in conjunction with these capacitors which can be supplied on specific request.
  • In rush current limiting inductor coils are used for longer life of Capacitors.
  • Low energy consumption due to low watt i.e. 0.5 watt/KVAr.
  • Higher insulation properties and temperature withstanding Capability.
  • Modular design: For easy maintenance as the modules are replaceable.
  • Explosion Proof Design: By using soft Epoxy / PU Resin, pressure developed due to any internal fault of the Capacitor will disconnect the electrical connection of the module and safe guard the nearby equipment.
  • M. S Box (Housing) for Capacitor is provided with Louvers for free air ventilation thereby keeping operation temperature at lower levels and increasing life of the Capacitors.
  • KVAr ratings are from 1 KVAr to 50 KVAr. Banking of KVAr units is also undertaken by us for higher KVAr rating requirements.

Important Factors Which Influence Quaity and Reliability of Power Factor Correction Capacitors at the end users place

  • Immediately after receipt please check the capacitor and ensure that they are in good condition without any external damages during transit.
  • Please ensure that the capacitor terminals are tight & proper while connecting to the load. Any loose contact at the terminals may result in heating and premature failure of capacitors.
  • Ensure proper grounding of capacitor before energising it.
  • Check discharge resistors connected across the terminals are intact, capacitors must be discharged fully before handling it. Do not charge capacitor without discharge resistor.
  • Energise the capacitor and measure voltage & current using a clamp meter in all the phases.
  • Proper current rating MCB is recommended in order to avoid over current to the capacitor which may cause fire risk.
  • Automatic switching of power capacitor in sequence shall be such that already energised capacitor shall have sufficient time delay circuit for discharge before it is subjected to another re-striking operation. This is an important aspect, which if proper care is not taken may result in over-voltage condition, increasing the risk of capacitor being subjected to high voltage stress level and there by the dielectric insulation breakdown.
  • Harmonic distortions in electrical systems are commonly present in loads like thyristor controlled DC drives, rectifiers, arc welding machines, etc. Harmonic filters reduces harmonic distortion to avoid higher current across the capacitor terminals resulting in over heating the capacitor.
  • Switch ‘off’ capacitors when inductive loads are not in use. Care must be taken to see that the capacitors shall not draw any current from the source which results in leading power factor which is not recommended since the reactive power compensation exceeds more than what is needed.
  • When star delta starters for higher rating inductive motors are switched on, take care so that capacitors are switched on when motors are running in delta connection only. This can be done by making use of delay timer which can switch on the contactor and capacitor.

Instructions for Installation and Maintenance o L.T Power Capacitors

  • Ensure proper rating of required KVAr is connected at load points.
  • Adequate fuse ratings / cables switch gears shall be used.
  • Firm fixing of capacitors along with cable lugs of appropriate size shall be used.
  • Earthing should be done properly to avoid accidental leakage current.
  • Repeated switching without sufficient time delay shall be avoided.
  • Discharge resistors needs periodic checking in order to avoid shock hazards.
  • Periodic checking of current in each phase is essential to keep track of capacitor condition.
  • Switch off power capacitors under light load or no load conditions.
  • All capacitors must be discharged before handling.

Recommended Capacitor rating for Direct Connection to Induction Motors.

To improve Power Factor to 0.95 or better at all loads
Capacitor rating in KVAr when motor speed is Capacitor rating in KVAr when motor speed is.

Multiplying Factor for Calculating the sizes of Capacitor for Power Factor Improvement.

Aiming at replacing the conventional mixed dielectric oil type capacitors, our double dielectric type is designed to suit continuous operation for heavy duty application particularly where presence of harmonics plays a prominent role. These Capacitors are mechanically robust and electrically stable to withstand combined effects of thermal and electrical stresses prevalent in major industries.

  • These types are absolutely necessary in industries with electrical systems having loads like heavy duty inductive motors with low rpm which includes respective switching mode of operation within short time duration. (Approx. 4 to 6 times in a minute).
  • Electrical hoist motors used in heavy industries for lifting raw materials or semi processed materials where inching operation is done intermittently.
  • Induction motors of 50Hp, 100 Hp, 200 Hp and the Capacitor must be of the above said type which can take care of switching surge currents / voltage spikes.
  • It can take care of “Harmonic effect” if the Total Harmonic distortion is less than 5%.
  • Heat dissipation is very low due to special design which protects the dielectric from high voltage / current levels.
  • In places where non-linear load conditions of Electrical systems are prevailing these Capacitors will give best results compared to standard type capacitors.
  • These Capacitors are widely used in heavy industries like steel rolling mills, paper mills, and cement industries
  • ISI Marked
  • Self Healing MPP Film Heavy Edge Metallisation
  • Manufactured with Latest State of Art Technology
  • Dry Construction
  • Mounting Stud Inbuilt
  • Light Weight
  • Cost Effective
  • Compact Size
  • Burst Proof
  • Indoor/Outdoor Application
  • Low losses & Longer Life

For Improvement of Power Factor in Electrical Installations having fixed normal duty inductive loads without variation.

Best suited for Panel Application like

  • Wind Mills
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels
  • Manual Power Factor Correction Panels etc.

Light is a form of electromagnetic radiation. Lamps can be broadly classifies as follows:

An important characteristic of any discharge is that, once started, the current tends to increase instantaneously to a destructive value. A choke (referred to as ballast) is incorporated in the AC circuit to limit the current to a safe value. Fluorescent and Discharge Lamps have a inherent low power factor of the order of 0.4 lag to 0.5 lag. Power factor is improved by the use of capacitor having capacitance value ranging from 3 MFD to 45 MFD and power factor is corrected to 0.85 lag to 0.90 lag which is acceptable for proper utilization of power. The capacitor provides a low impedance path to interference currents & helps to by pass any third harmonic currents.

MFD Value Voltage Container Size in mm
Plastic Aluminium
Dia - Height Dia - Height
3.15 440 28 X 55 28 X 52
28 X 55 28 X 52
4 250 30 X 55 30 X 52
30 X 55 30 X 52
8 250 35 X 73 35 X 68
38 X 73 38 X 68
10 250 45 X 73 45 X 67
45 X 95 45 X 97
15 250 - - - - - -
20 250 - - - - - -
33 250 - - - - - -
42 250 - - - - - -

These are special type of capacitors made of heavy edge Zn-Al Alloy metallised polypropylene film for handling higher currents and ensuring higher insulation properties, with very low dissipation factor.

These capacitors have an advantage of compact size, easy handling coupled with inbuilt safety mechanism, which disconnects the capacitor in the event of any abnormal conditions like over voltage or over currents.

Capacitor is used as a component in the tuned LC circuit of constant voltage power source. These are designed for continuous duty cycle operation or as per the customer’s specific requirements. The output from capacitors are used in the AC input stage as filters which also gives additional advantage as a power factor correction to the unit. All these capacitors are designed to take care of harmonics upto total of 5% THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). If it exceeds this limit, it would be necessary to use harmonics fillers in order to filter out unwanted frequencies, which can cause heating effect due to high current drawn by the capacitor.

Selection of suitable capacitors plays a very crucial role in the life expectancy of the capacitors. Hence it is absolutely necessary to use proper capacitor value with voltage/current rating matching the specific application.

Capacitors are housed in aluminum cylindrical can and provided with bottom studs for easy mounting.Capacitors above 10 MFD value can be provided with screw type terminal for handling higher currents and also for better mechanical fitment with cable lugs.

Proper selection of the capacitance value will enhance the performance and life expectancy of the capacitor in the tuned circuit.

Sl. No. MFD Value Voltage Aluminium Can Size in mm
Dia - Total Height
1 2 600/660 30 X 52
40 X 74
2 6 600/660 40 X 74
3 10 600/660 45 X 74
4 16 600/660 45 X 105
5 20 600/660 45 X 105
6 25 600/660 50 X 105
7 36 600/660 54 X 130
8 40 600/660 65 X 130
9 50 600/660 65 X 130
Sl. No. MFD Value Voltage Aluminium Can Size in mm
Dia - Total Height
1 4 500/550 35 X 52
2 6 500/550 35 X 52
3 8 500/550 35 X 68
4 10 500/550 35 X 68
5 20 500/550 45 X 95
6 25 500/550 45 X 95
7 30 500/550 50 X 95